Talent Agency

Talent Agency

David Foster Management is a talent agency representing TV presenters, radio presenters, television production professionals and popular artists from the entertainment industry.

The company was formed in the early nineties and is now recognised for its excellence in developing artists and providing an exceptional level of service.

Originally many of our artists arrived by recommendation, hence a naturally evolved bias towards wildlife which has led to considerable expertise in this area. Today we specialise in onscreen presenter talent who are experts in their field – natural history, exploration, science, sports, the arts, marine science, cycling, gardening, antiques and other areas.

David Foster

Has been responsible for developing the careers of top television presenters such as Chris Packham, Bill Oddie and John Suchet. His service has always been underpinned with integrity and he takes great care to support artists with courteousness and careful attention to detail. More about David Foster »

Gerry Granshaw

Has worked with David Foster since 2004. As a talent agent and personal manager she is keen to recognise exceptional talent and help them realise their potential. Gerry is from a marketing background where she has been responsible for developing many brands, businesses and people. She now specialises in the entertainment industry.


Strong Relationships with Media & Corporate Clients

The cornerstone of DFM’s success has been providing an innovative, responsive and reliable service for media and corporate clients.

David Foster Management has built long-term associations with artists, production companies, broadcasters and other clients. The multi-disciplinary DFM team is capable of providing exciting, effective solutions for even the most complex projects.



The DFM Team

David Foster
Tel: +44 (0)126 477 1726
Email: david@dfmanagement.tv

Gerry Granshaw
Direct: +44 (0)180 386 2786
Email: gerry.granshaw@dfmanagement.tv