Chris Packham

in cutting edge worldwide wildlife broadcast


Watch again Sunday 23rd July 19:00 – Nat Geo Wild Channel.


Chris Packham joins Phil Keoghan and Jane Lynch at studios in New York City for EARTH LIVE, a stunning two hour documentary by National Geographic taking viewers on a live journey around the world and focusing on some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife. Phil, Jane and Chris gave viewers access to dozens of key locations across six continents — from South America to Asia and everywhere in between and world-renowned cinematographers used cutting-edge technology to showcase a number of wildlife firsts.

Originally shown live last week in 171 countries in 45 languages  EARTH LIVE can be seen again on 23rd July at 7pm on the Nat Geo Wild Channel.


On a remote Thai island, a troop of long-tailed macaques demonstrated tool use. These intelligent monkeys use rocks to pry oysters and other shellfish off the rocks, and then crack them open for the food inside. View clip

A small camera rigged on a Golden Eagle provided a FIRST-EVER LIVE birds-eye view as it flew over Oregon while GPS provided a live readout of the eagle’s speed, altitude and position. View clip

In Fiji, Emmy Award-Winning cinematographer Andy Casagrande broadcasted live, underwater from a feeding frenzy of bull sharks in the South Pacific.  View clip

In Frederick Sound, Alaska, a specifically designed drone called the “snot-bot” captured DNA from a humpback whale in A LIVE TELEVISION FIRST.  View clip


Sunday 23rd July 19:00 – Nat Geo Wild Channel