Chris Packham: ‘Operation Iceberg’

Chris was one of a team of 25 scientists and filmmakers sent on a groundbreaking five-week mission to document the life-cycle of Arctic icebergs from their birth to death, set to reveal their secrets in a BBC/Discovery co-production due to be broadcast autumn 2012 – ‘Operation Iceberg’.

Entering the “death zone”

Extract from Chris Packham’s BBC Nature diary which describes the experience of sailing perilously close to a disintegrating glacier:

It’s a sunny, still and calm night. The great gnarled face of the glacier looks peaceful and fulmars scud across the tangled mess of tumbled lumps, their groans echoing around the vast embayments as we slowly measure our passes, sometimes to within 250 metres of the edge.

In two hours we travel the six kilometres across the front and then turn and sail back to complete a second pass.

The sea fizzes with melting ice, tiny bubbles of air froth out after centuries of frozen imprisonment.

There is an undeniable tranquillity, a timeless sense of a grand presence, like an hour lost in a cathedral gazing at the vaulted ceiling in hollow silence.

. . . . .

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