John Suchet’s new series on Classic FM

On Sunday 10th March John Suchet begins a special 12-part series on Classic FM entitled ‘Beethoven – The Man Revealed’.

The series will air at 9:00pm each Sunday.

John says: “I’ve called my Beethoven series on Classic FM ‘Beethoven – The Man Revealed’, because that is exactly what I am going to do — reveal the man behind the music. Did you know Beethoven proposed marriage at least three times, that he once worked as a kitchen scullion on board a river boat, and that his domineering possessiveness drove his nephew to attempt suicide?

“I will play some of his best loved music, but also music that is rarely heard. And I promise you, when you hear the stories behind the music, you will never listen to the music through the same ears again.”

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6 March 2013