Nicholas Daines heads to Borneo to raise awareness of the plight of orangutans


 Nicholas Daines

 Nicholas Daines, ambassador for the charity Orangutan Appeal UK

As ambassador for Orangutan Appeal UK Nicholas Daines is flying out to Borneo to experience first-hand the plight of the “old men of the forest” (Orangutans) and see the rapid destruction that is taking place of their habitat.

Through his work as wildlife TV presenter and science expert for Channel 5 Nicholas became aware of the charity Orangutan Appeal UK and was inspired by the amazing work of its founder Sue Sheward (MBE). The Orangutan Appeal UK is dedicated to maintaining natural Orangutan populations, the rehabilitation and preservation of Orangutans and the conservation of their habitat. The charity is starring in the TV series Meet the Orangutans on the Animal Planet Channel and hopefully a second series will go ahead this year which Nicholas would love to present.  

Meeting Bidu Bidu

During his trip Nicholas will be documenting the moment he meets his adopted Orangutan Bidu Bidu for the very first time and will help in his rehabilitation so that he might one day swing free in the forests of Borneo. He will film and blog the incredible work the charity undertakes to prepare the many orphaned and displaced Orangutans for release back into the wild.

Nicholas explains, “This is an amazing opportunity as an official envoy, to experience first hand the plight faced by these beautiful creatures and witness the destruction of their habitat. I want to share with the world just what it’s like to experience Borneo and the work of Orangutan Appeal UK at the Sepilok rehabilitation centre, and to capture meeting the Orangutans up close and personal for the very first time”.


Bidu Bidu

 Bidu Bidu, orphaned baby orangutan at Sepilok rehabilitation centre. 

An Endangered Species

As huge areas of forests are destroyed in Panama the orangutan is now on the endangered species list and the risks of global warming are increasing rapidly. Nicholas is passionate about raising awareness of the impacts of deforestation in Borneo.

 “Education is the key and although Borneo seems like a long way away what is happening to these beautiful creatures affects us all. Orangutans and humans are incredibly similar. Unless we act now and acknowledge the plight of this wonderful animal it’s just a matter of time before it’s our turn.”

Follow Nicholas on his journey to Borneo by reading his blog:


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