Raj Bisram brings his cool instinct for a deal to Channel Four’s popular Four Rooms

Raj Bisram brings his expertise and presence to Channel Four’s brilliant Four Rooms this week along with three other antiques experts and art collectors. Between them the dealers will be offering discerning deals to hopeful members of the public wishing to make a fortune from their prized possessions.

In the first episode on Monday 22nd August at 9pm the heat is turned up as dealers Raj Bisram, Celia Sawyer, Alex Proud and David Sonnenthal compete for a rare signed Winston Chuchill book, a Lalique vase and an Elvis Presley tour banner. Also on offer are antique chairs and a drinks cabinet made from a bomb. Raj brings his cool, calm presence to the mounting anticipation and tension and his keen instinct for making a deal comes to the fore.

A charismatic presenter with a calm, strong presence 

With his cool charisma, wit and charm Raj’s success as an antiques expert is living proof that a fair deal is the best deal. He says, “I try to be fair and balanced. I think a good deal is when the seller and the buyer are both happy.

When he’s not presenting TV shows Raj sources and buys collectables for private clients and his advice to any budding dealer is, “Decide where you want to specialise, and then make sure that you have your pot and you don’t go over that budget.”

Four Rooms Series 9: starts Monday 22nd August 2016 on Channel 4

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