Fine art and antiques dealer Raj Bisram
is back with his expert eye for a deal
Channel 4’s new series of Four Rooms


Raj Bisram

For anyone fancying themselves as a bit of a dealer the next series of ‘Four Rooms’ starting this month on Channel 4 is not to be missed. Here Raj Bisram, along with seven other fiercely competitive dealers, will be ready and willing to make a great offer if the right item enters their room.

Raj Bisram brings his natural instincts and extensive talent and experience to the show. Known to be one of the UK’s keenest dealers, he has a sharp eye and honed instinct for value which will inspire confidence in the viewers and caution in the sellers.

Growing up in a home full of antiques he developed a passion for beautiful artefacts, art and collectibles and bought his first antique when he was ten years old. Raj has been running and co-owns Bentley’s Fine Art and Antiques Auction House in Kent for over 25 years, overseeing a 1,000 item auction every month.

When asked how he works out the value of an item his response is, “I’ve been in the business a long time and I’m very keen on doing lots of research but ultimately you’ve got to go with your gut instinct.”

Fair and balanced

With his strong charisma, wit and charm Raj’s success is living proof that a fair deal is the best deal. He says, “I try to be fair and balanced. I think a good deal is when the seller and the buyer are both happy.”

Raj sources and buys collectables for private clients and his advice to any budding dealer is, “Decide where you want to specialise, and then make sure that you have your pot and you don’t go over that budget.”

Raj Bisram – 21st century innovator

Although he loves antiques Raj and his business partner are in no way stuck in the past and are the innovators of the British Silver Hallmark Recognition app. This app enables users to identify silver marks from a database of 20,000 marks, making silver identification easier and much quicker than trawling through books. The app is used and endorsed by antiques industry professionals.

Four Rooms Highlights

In this fourth series of Four Rooms, Raj and his colleagues will be battling it out for coveted items including a lock of Napoleon’s hair, Andy Murray’s tennis racket, a two-headed cow, a unique set of Elvis Presley polaroids, a BRIT award and the first ever piece of art created in space.

TX February 2015
Channel 4
30 x 60 mins

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