Wildlife TV presenter Adrian Cale gets up close and personal with Snow Leopards in London

Snow Leopards of Leafy London – Animal Planet sneak peak from Adrian Cale

Wildlife TV presenter Adrian Cale debuts his new observational documentary series “Snow Leopards of Leafy London” for Animal Planet due to be broadcast later this year.

The largest collection of snow leopards outside of Asia can be found at the Cat Survival Trust, just a stone’s throw from London, England, where vital work is being carried out to conserve one of the worlds rarest and enigmatic big cats. The work is unconventional and unorthodox to say the least!

Adrian will be getting to know the feline characters and follow their day to day lives and dramas. He will meet Dr Terry Moore, founder of the Cat Survival Trust, and learn about his quirky snow leopard conservation project He’ll also get a snapshot of a variety of other wild cat species that reside at the Trust, including jaguar and puma. 

Adrian is given a unique inside view of the snow leopard matchmaking process – following the progress of any cubs should they be born, watch them grow, develop their independence, and discover how they are being prepared to potentially play a vital role in a planned snow leopard conservation project in India.

“There is something very different and quirky about this place and how they do things. To think there is a secret world of snow leopards hidden behind an innocuous looking farm shop beggars belief. Working this closely with and getting to know the individual snow leopard characters, it’s easy to forget just how incredibly rare and hard they are to see in the wild.”

Animal Planet – 7 x 30mins

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11 June 2013