PROFILE: Ajay Tegala

TV Wildlife Presenter, Naturalist and Countryside Ranger

Ajay Tegala is a wildlife presenter, naturalist and countryside ranger. He has a degree in Environmental Conservation and five years’ experience working in nature conservation. A natural communicator, his enthusiasm and knowledge is always well received by television companies.

Ajay has chalked-up 13 appearances across the five main channels, including the popular BBC nature documentaries Countryfile, Coast, Winterwatch and a live appearance on Springwatch Unsprung alongside Chris Packham and Will Young. He has also featured on Walking Through History alongside Tony Robinson for Channel 4.

Countryside Ranger

As a countryside ranger, Ajay has earned respect as the lead ranger on Britain’s first coastal reserve, Blakeney Point. He has previously worked on Britain’s oldest nature reserve, Wicken Fen, and as reserve manager at Lindisfarne.

Knowledgeable Speaker

Ajay is an engaging speaker, drawing on his experiences as a warden as well as authoring magazine articles and scientific reports.


Growing up in East Anglia, Ajay became interested in water birds. Through his career in nature conservation, he has done lots of work with seabirds, in particular terns, studying their breeding behaviour as part of national monitoring projects. He also has passion for coastal plants and, of course, seals, managing and studying England’s largest Grey Seal rookery. Ajay has a great love for the Fenland landscape and its restoration.

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