PROFILE: Anneka Svenska

Wildlife TV Presenter, Conservationist, Animal Rescuer and Canid Expert

Anneka Svenska is a warm, passionate, engaging naturalist and conservationist, but what makes her unique is that she is one of TV’s few women specialising in wolves and apex predators. Anneka is quite at home swimming with great whites, catching snakes, tracking wolves in the wild and anything which involves feared and misunderstood animals. Anneka is also highly passionate about animal rescue and wildlife crime and is one of the most visible faces and voices for animals on the UK animal welfare scene.

Wolves and Dogs

Anneka is a canid & wolf expert and has studied both European and North American Timber Wolves for many years. She lives with high content wolfdogs on a daily basis, as well as filming alongside many wolf sanctuaries in the UK. Her passion for assisting canines led her to personally found two animal charitable organisations and to rescue over 300 dogs from international countries. She is therefore requested to speak regularly in subjects covering dog welfare, rescue and animal politics.


Anneka is extremely passionate about drawing attention to the illegal wildlife trade and has made a point to be involved in film making in subjects such as the rhino horn trade, ivory trade, trophy hunting and the exotic wildlife trade. Anneka speaks at many wildlife events in London and appears regularly alongside wildlife advocates including Virginia McKenna, Bill Oddie, Ian Redmond and Peter Egan. Anneka is patron to NatureWatch Foundation, World Animal day and Wetnose Animal Aid, as well as being a supporter of many other conservation charities.

Greenworld TV

Anneka produces and fronts numerous conservation films for wildlife charities worldwide including The Born Free Foundation, LionAid, The Dogs Trust, Wildlife Trusts and The Badger Trust through her production company and online channel GreenWorldTV. Anneka regularly reports live from many of London’s conservation events and has a huge following via online platforms. Adventures have included travelling to South Africa to front the conservation documentary on the all-female South African anti-rhino poaching squad ‘The Black Mambas’ for charity Helping Rhinos, produced by Nigel Marven and Image Impact Films.

Live Speaker

Anneka is an extremely well versed and competent live speaker and has presented for The National Pet Show, The Environment Trust, Superdogs Live and is set to host Whalefest Live and BirdFair live in 2017.


Anneka was born a ‘natural’ naturalist and spent her childhood surrounded by nature in the Buckinghamshire countryside collecting woodlice and newts. She even went to the extremes of finding and burying all the dead mice in the neighbourhood, that cats had dispatched, in her sandpit (to the horror of her mother) Later she applied to become a junior RSPCA volunteer and helped people trim their animals’ claws by making visits to their houses. During this time, Anneka rescued many animals in dire situations and worked with the RSPCA to have several animals removed from neighbouring properties to which she had noticed abuse happening.

Anneka originally started to train as a Vet, but quit as she felt she didn’t have the emotional disposition to euthanise animals. She changed direction and embarked on a degree in Environmental Science and Film hoping to combine her love of animals with television, which she has.

Anneka now writes for many animal & ethical magazines including The Huffington Post, The Ecologist, Dog’s Today and K9 Magazine.

As a side line, Anneka is a wildlife film mentor for the students at University of the West of England who she regularly takes out and includes in her films.

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