PROFILE: Diane Louise Jordan

TV and radio presenter Diane Louise Jordan is a well known and much loved public figure who is often referred to as a “presenter across boundaries” in recognition of how comfortably and naturally she relates to people from all walks of life. Diane is a regular face on Songs of Praise one of the BBC’s longest running programmes.  

A Blue Peter favourite 

Diane came to prominence in 1990 when she was invited to become a member of the legendary Blue Peter presenting team. Such was her popularity that when, six years later Diane decided it was time to move on, the programme’s editor dedicated two complete shows to her departure – a first in the programme’s history. Nearly a million people telephoned voting for their favourite moments of Diane.  

Passionate about Parenting

In 1989 just months before joining Blue Peter Diane’s sister died.  As she was a single parent it meant that overnight Diane became a mother to her two year old niece.  In many ways this experience was the catalyst for Diane’s motivation to see all children raised in loving, secure family homes.

For the last 25 years, not only as a mother, but throughout her involvement with Action for Children and past trusteeships with The Prince’s Trust and Children in Need, Diane has had first hand experience of the fall-out from a general lack of understanding about the critical early years of development.  Diane understands how vital it is for all children to receive and experience intimate, nurturing, exclusive affection. 

Diane’s underlying ambition is for every child to be personally known and personally loved.  To that extent Diane is an Ambassador for Family Futures – the adoption and therapeutic agency with a distinguished reputation in providing first class and innovative training for professionals, adoptive parents and carers.

A Natural Flair for Interiors

Diane has always had an appetite for interiors, which began when as a teenager she was given the largest bedroom in the family home, a small three bedroom terrace, on the condition she took sole responsibility for its refurbishment and decor. Diane, a student at the time, used her limited cash flow and resources as a creative springboard to produce a stunning result. 

The challenge to produce an exceptional finish on a limited budget set Diane in good stead when in the early ’90s she set up and began running a significantly sized property company for over 10 years, which in the main involved gutting and renovating tired properties to a high standard before either renting or selling on. Although now on a smaller scale, Diane continues to renovate properties both for her own portfolio and on behalf of other clients and is currently relishing the task of transforming an apartment with an exceptionally limited footprint into a smart, bright space for a client in St. Ives, Cornwall. 

As a result of her natural flair for interiors her home once featured in Living Etc magazine. 

People Matter, by Diane

“From school yard to boardroom I’ve encountered people from a diversity of backgrounds who share the common fear of believing they’re not quite enough.  What’s even more disheartening is that many of us don’t even believe it’s possible to be better than we are.

Recent scientific and psychological evidence now supports the view that who we become in later life is imprinted at a young age.   Apparently most of our critical development occurs before we can even speak!  And, it seems, that development/ who we are is not dependent on genes (nature) alone.  There’s now compelling evidence to indicate the pivotal significance of how we’re nurtured.  Basically our lives are literally in the hands of others…..

 If this is true what are the implications for the rest of our years?  Are we ‘pre-destined’ to be who we are before it seems we have any chance or any choice in the matter – is it really not our fault? Or is it possible to be better than we are?

Well the good news, according to the advocates of the relationship based Attachment Theory, is that through the principles of secure attachment and bonding it is possible to be better than we are.  Relationship, it seems, is key.  This news heartens me as I am mission bound to promote and equip us to live our very best lives.”

A Brilliant Host

Diane is known for her sparkling, upbeat personality that brightens every room she walks into. With over 20 years hosting experience she brings not only charisma, but authority to every event, whether in large arena settings or more intimate environments.  Her talent for bringing scripts to life, as well as editing or writing from scratch if preferred means Diane’s innate professionalism brings added value to every occasion.   

An Inspirational Speaker

Diane is a popular and compelling public speaker who offers bespoke Talks that always encourage others to consider their own great potential.  And Diane’s unique ability to communicate comfortably with people from many walks of life is reflected in the diverse range of clients who repeatedly book Diane for their events. Diane’s informal, relaxed style allows audiences to safely explore and examine their own thoughts and values in an entertaining/engaging, yet challenging way.

Coaching and Media and Communications training

Diane is ardent about seeing people released to realise their true potential and offers coaching for people who are serious about improving their lives. Diane works to fully mobilise an individual’s inherent skills, resources and talent, and in doing so is unafraid to tackle the things that so often leave them unable or struggling to achieve their goals. Whether in the arena of personal or business growth, Diane guides and equips people to success. With her 25 years of experience in the media industry Diane has also designed a Media and Communication Training programme for businesses wishing to communicate more powerfully and effectively. 

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