PROFILE: Gaia Vince

New Female Science TV Presenter

Gaia Vince is a new female science presenter with a degree in Chemistry with Physics and a post-graduate degree in Engineering Product Design. The main focus of her work in recent years has been environmental issues, biodiversity and natural history, climate change, human societies, ecology and energy. However, she is comfortable covering a range of subjects from geology and palaeontology to medical advances, engineering and technology, including green technology. Gaia is an anthropocene specialist.

Science Broadcaster

As a science broadcaster Gaia has made programmes for BBC World Service and ABC Radio National, podcasts in the UK and the US, and appeared several times on radio and television news programmes as an interviewed contributor.

She is a science writer – former news editor of Nature magazine and of New Scientist before that – and her work has been published in all the UK broadsheets, and in magazines and newspapers in the UK, US and Australia.

Anthropocene Specialist

“Humanity’s impact on the Earth is so profound that we’re creating a new geological time period. Geologists have named the age we’re making the Anthropocene.”  Gaia Vince is an anthropocene specialist and recently recorded a four-part radio series for BBC World Service called The Age We Made. She spoke to scientists about the dramatic changes we are making to the planet, and how they will be recorded in the geological record for millions of years.  Recordings are available to download on

Gaia is also writing a book (published June 2013, Chatto & WIndus) on the Anthropocene – the human-led changes to our planet- and writes a regular column for the BBC called Smart Planet about the subject. Her research included a personal 2.5-year odyssey across the developing world which is documented on Wandering Gaia (www, and her video diary (

Earlier in her career, Gaia worked for several years as an explainer at the Science Museum’s interactive galleries, where she helped to design exhibits and led presentations on everything from electromagnetism to how planes fly.

Diver with Marine Expertise

Gaia is a PADI qualified diver and has written extensively about oceans and the marine environment. She joined marine biologists tagging whale sharks – filmed for the BBC – and has also visited coral restoration projects and turtle rehabilitation.

Gaia speaks Spanish. She has a dual British and Australian nationality and is based in London.

When time allows Gaia likes to make pots and other things out of clay – however unsuccessfully – and even has her own kiln. She loves travelling and trying delicious foods from around the world. One day, she plans to finally make it to Papua New Guinea, and the place she’d most like to return to is Madagascar.



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