PROFILE: Gemma Care

TV Presenter, Wildlife Presenter, Sports & Adventure Presenter, Entertainment and Show Biz Reporter

Shark Enthusiast & Wildlife Specialist

Gemma Care is a passionate advocate of shark conservation and protection. Ever since her childhood she has been captivated by these creatures, and over the years has developed a particular fascination with great white sharks.

Gemma has completed field research in the waters of Gansbaai in South Africa, studying great whites in the area and observing their behaviour. Her interest and knowledge of great whites is ever expanding, as she keeps track of up to date studies into white sharks around the world. She has given talks to schools to ‘replace fear with facts’ and inspire youths to learn more about these animals and continues to make regular trips to South Africa to observe great whites.

Gemma has also been active in the shark conservation community. She kick started her own campaign against the 2014 shark cull in Western Australia, drawing global attention to the plight of the bull, tiger and great white sharks. She enlisted the help of celebrities and the general public to speak out against the cull and created a viral campaign as well as attending a protest in the UK that made news internationally. She had also made numerous appearances in international newspapers and on the radio to talk about the implications of the policy.

In 2015 Gemma presented an episode about great white sharks for Discovery International’s series Predators Up close with Joel Lambert. Gemma was their on screen wildlife specialist, carrying out experiments from the boat as well as underwater demonstrating the predatory abilities of great whites and using a custom built ‘pod’ to observe from. The show was aired internationally on the Discovery Channel and will air in the US in 2016.

Passionate about animals and their conservation.

As well as sharks, Gemma has always had a passion for animals and animal conservation. Her childhood was spent caring for a variety of creatures from chickens to horses and her active interest in animal care has continued to this day. In 2012 Gemma worked in Malaysia jungle on a horse ranch, managing a yard of 15 horses and leading rides into the jungle. Currently living in the UK Gemma loves nothing more than exploring the English countryside and beaches in search of native wildlife, she has also entered some of her wildlife photographs into the 2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards.

Sports Producer/Presenter and Voice Over

Alongside her time spent with great whites, Gemma works as a Sports AP/Producer and Presenter with a background in sailing coverage. She has worked on numerous regattas from the Extreme Sailing Series to the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series producing features, news segments and highlights programmes. She has also worked as a reporter ‘as live’ on events and has hosted various Q&A’s with athletes such as big wave surfer Andrew Cotton and racing driver Nicholas Hamilton. Gemma has also worked as a voice over artist on sailing shows and a high end magazine show ‘The Season’.


Gemma loves to challenge herself and enjoys the element of risk that comes with working alongside potentially dangerous animals and environments. She also believes that our fear can be controlled and used to our advantage in most situations.

Her goal is to produce and present more shows that expose the beauty and wonder of the great white shark, and to replace peoples’ fear with facts and gain global respect for one of the ocean’s most stigmatised and misunderstood apex predators. She also wants to keep pushing her boundaries and would love to work on adventurous shows that see her working in the great outdoors.

Additional Skills:

AIDA 2* Freediver
PADI Open Water Scuba Diver
Voice Over
Presenter & Co Presenter
Script Writing
Horse Riding
Shark Research & Observation

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