PROFILE: Jeff Rose

Archaeologist & Anthropologist | TV Presenter

In 2010 Dr Jeff Rose and his team of international scientists made a groundbreaking discovery. On the last day of their archaeological survey in the Dhofar region of Oman a find revealed that the route of the first humans to the rest of the world had been through the Nile Valley and the middle of the Arabian Peninsula. Not Ethiopia and Yemen as had originally been thought.

“This region would have been a paradise for early humans, whose livelihood depended upon hunting on the open savanna,” he said. ”It was scientific euphoria.”

Middle East prehistory specialist & television presenter

His CV is an impressive tome of academic achievement, publications and awards. His research has been featured in documentary series for BBC1, BBC2, PBS, SBS, Arte, and National Geographic. In recognition of his groundbreaking discoveries on early human dispersal, Jeff was named one of National Geographic’s 2012 Emerging Explorers.

As an archaeologist and anthropologist he specialises in the prehistory of the Middle East. He has presented series on archaeology, history and religion – such as the Bible Hunter (BBC2) and Legend Hunter (Travel Channel). See credits below.

Areas of interest & research

Jeff’s areas of interest touch upon a variety of subjects including modern human origins, Neolithization, stone tool technology, archaeogenetics, rock art, geoarchaeology, underwater archaeology, and Near Eastern mythology, folklore, and religion.

Over the past three decades, Jeff has conducted archaeological fieldwork in North America, Wales, Ukraine, Israel, Portugal, Yemen, Oman, and Qatar. He has worked as a professor in both the US and UK, and currently directs the Dhofar Archaeological Project, which is an ongoing investigation of human prehistory, archaeogenetics, and climate change in southern Oman. 

He holds a B.A. in Classics from the University of Richmond, an M.A. in Archaeology from Boston University, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Anthropology from Southern Methodist University.

He currently resides in Oman, where he works as an archaeological consultant for the Office of the Advisor to the Sultan. 


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Television credits


  • Legend Hunter: The Search for Sodom & Gomorrah (Writer / Presenter) Travel Channel
  • Legend Hunter: The Real Life of Jesus (Writer / Presenter), Travel Channel
  • DNA Nation (Contributor), SBS TV
  • The Great Human Race (Consultant), National Geographic Channel


  • Egyptian Vice (Contributor), Spike TV
  • First Peoples: Asia (Contributor), PBS / Arte


  • Bible Hunters: The Search for Bible Truth (Presenter), Smithsonian Channel / BBC 2
  • Bible Hunters: The Search for Lost Gospels (Presenter), Smithsonian Channel / BBC 2


  • Meet the Izzards (Contributor), BBC 1


  • Cradle of the Gods (Presenter), National Geographic Channel
  • Diving into Noah’s Flood (Presenter), National Geographic Channel


  • The Incredible Human Journey: Out of Africa (Contributor), BBC 2


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