PROFILE: Mike Browne

Photography TV Presenter

Mike Browne is one of the world’s most loved and inspirational photography experts whose work has won awards from Fuji, Kodak and the Master Photographer’s Association. Mike has held exhibitions around the UK and presented hundreds of photography related videos. He has worked with Bill Oddie, Chris Packham and as a photography presenter on The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

Mike got his first camera aged six, but waited 25 years until a late night conversation in South Africa, convinced him to follow his dream. Now Mike is a highly respected photographer and writer spurring on people all over the world to pick up their camera and follow their own dream. 

In 1998 Mike became one of the pioneers of the more relaxed documentary style of wedding photography we see today and has worked with celebrity chef Jean-Christoff Novelli and a host of commercial clients in the UK and abroad. In 2000 Mike was sponsored by Fuji to document homeless children in Romania and his unique approach lead to the exhibition being hosted by the Romanian Ambassador in London and Mike was presented to the president the following year. The images are still being used by world class organizations around the world.

Mike Browne – Passionate about pictures and people

For Mike photography is all about capturing images of ‘this amazing world we live in’ and making people feel good about themselves so they look great in his images – not about cameras which he views merely as a tools to collect the image. As such he is one of the very few photographers to embrace the use of mobile phones for creating beautiful images.

In 2006 he wrote Wedding Photography Exposed which deals more with the human aspects of wedding photography, than with posing, light lenses etc.

Mike first made TV news in the early 1992 when he packed in his comfortable, well paid life in civil engineering, sold all his belongings and spent a year travelling the world in search of something more fulfilling.  

Staying ahead.

Mike now has his own Youtube channel which is fast approaching 13,000,000 views and he is now being asked to speak at marketing events as a Youtube Guru. Last year Youtube awarded him their Silver Play Button Award at BAFTA for achieving over 100,000 subscribers. He’s now at 157,363. One of the world’s largest most influential photography blog sites listed him as the 8th best photography educators on Youtube last month. 

He is fast becoming well known for his innovative approach to photography, which teaches a thought process which can be used behind any image; how to think like a photographer and has put together a live 2.5 – 3 hour inspirational talk about photography Cameras Don’t Take Pictures, which is very popular. 

He is also running workshops around the world including Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Iceland and Switzerland. 

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