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Science & Wildlife TV Presenter | Explorer

Nicholas Daines is an exciting science and wildlife presenter with a First Class Honours Degree in Microbiology and Animal Physiology. He’s also an all-action adventurer and explorer.

Science / Microbiology TV Presenter

As a microbiologist, Nicholas’ main areas of interest are mycology, epidemiology, insect biology, sensory physiology and neurophysiology. He has studied viruses, bacteria and parasites – the dangers they pose, the threat of pandemics if not contained, the good and bad parasites and symbiotic relationships. He has a strong interest in ornithology and marine science. And he believes that microbiology and all its different facets can make thrilling viewing.

Wildlife TV Presenter 

Nicholas has a broad brush interest in the living world, from the microscopic to the largest predators. He travels all over the world and in particular knows the US and South Africa very well. He has good contacts in both countries. In South Africa he has recently been investigating the issue of rhino endangerment, something he is keen to bring to the world’s attention.

Nicholas also has a solid background in ornithology including all aspects of physiology (ranging from circulatory systems, heart size and uric acid excretion to respiratory systems) as well as environmental adaptations of flight, altitude tolerance and hibernation. He has expertise on the behavioural ecology of many different bird species such as the mating systems of blackbirds and egg clutch size of magpies and Great tits’ maximising individual success. He is passionate about all bird life and all bird species.

Explorer, Adventurer

An explorer and adventurer, Nicholas has travelled to many parts of the world. He recently returned from a tiger safari to the Sundarbans in South West Bangladesh where he explored one of the most dangerous and wildest places on earth. The Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world, home to diverse flora, fauna and wildlife including the elusive Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris). 

During the last century tiger numbers have plummeted by 95% and the Sundarbans is one of their last strongholds. Over 500 Bengal tigers roam the territory. It’s one of the largest single populations of tigers in one area. In recent years as man encroaches on their ever-shrinking habitat the tigers in this region have developed a taste for human flesh and in bad years are responsible for up to 50 human deaths per year.

Marine Science & Diving

Although he has a broad marine science knowledge Nicholas has been particularly interested in the physiology of marine animals with regards to adaption and environment. This encompasses respiration circulation, feeding, temperature control and movement. Specialist areas include osmoregulation of marine mammals, reptiles, vertebrates and invertebrates; buoyancy, excretion and salt excretion in marine birds and reptiles. 

Nicholas’ has Sub Aqua qualifications to the level of Rescue Diver.

A New Television Presenter Talent

Nicholas is not your traditional scientist. He’s an inspirational sports champion who’s had an adrenalin fueled career as a stuntman. He became a GB diving champion and international gymnast who then used his diving and athletic talent to become an award winning stuntman. He has since performed hundreds of dangerous stunts for top TV programmes, blockbuster movies and television commercials.

As a new science TV presenter, Nicholas is keen to bring his scientific and natural history expertise to the fore and is open to all opportunities this can bring.

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