PROFILE: Ross Exton

Science Presenter

Ross Exton is a very exciting science presenter who’s demonstrated his abilities widely on radio, video and on stage as a presenter at the At-Bristol Science Centre. He has masters degrees in both Chemistry and Multiplatform Radio, he manages two YouTube channels; regularly producing and presenting entertaining and educational science videos. And he really knows how to perform!

TV Science Presenter for all ages

Undoubtedly Ross has a very bright future. He’s vital and quirky with an appeal to people of all ages – mainstream audiences, young people and as a children’s TV science presenter.

Ross has developed and delivered a huge variety of science demonstrations to live audiences – mainly families and young people. And he came close to becoming the next Blue Peter presenter when he made the final 10 out of 20,000 applicants, appearing on the CBBC series Blue Peter – You Decide!  

He’s a passionate, hugely talented science presenter who understands not only his areas of science but also how to communicate in a way that excites and inspires. Bringing his subject alive on camera and stage, by combining practical experience with theory, is something he is very good at.

Ross regularly writes, produces, and presents educational online videos as the At-Bristol Science Centre’s Live Science Video Producer and for his own YouTube channel, featuring a wide variety of subjects and demonstration; from dissections, to walking on red-hot coals, and interviewing the renowned astronaut Chris Hadfield, the commander of the International Space Station.

Ross’s Science passions

Rather than specific ‘science passions’, Ross considers himself a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’. But if you pinned him down he’d say his background in Chemistry gives him a love of all things molecular, especially regarding the chemistry and biological action of animal venoms, poisonous substances, and the development of new medicines. Dissecting animal organs to live audiences (pig hearts, lungs, and brains, cow hearts and lungs, and horse eyeballs) has given him a fascination for the inner-workings and anatomy of not just humans, but a variety of weird and wonderful creatures.

His wealth of experience presenting planetarium shows for the past 4-years has given him a vast knowledge of  the universe. Everything from the stars and constellations, to black holes and exoplanets, fascinates him.

Radio presenter roots

Ross began radio broadcasting in 2010 when he presented a show at the University of Bath. This was followed by Real Radio Wales, Exposure Radio, and Able Radio where he volunteered for over 200 hours of broadcasting. Able Radio is a station centred around disability, conducting numerous sensitive and challenging interviews. It was whilst presenting popular science-themed segments on local radio that Ross discovered his ability to explain complex topics to a wide audience.

Most recently, he travelled to the United Arab Emirates to perform at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival. There, he performed At-Bristol’s live science theatre show, ‘The Glow Show’, three times a day, to a total of more than 10,000 people over the course of the 10-day festival.

Up for a challenge

He trained for eight years to become a 2nd-Dan black belt in Tae Kwon-do. He zip-lined from a 50 metre high bridge to raise money for charity in his hometown of Newport, South Wales. He’s jumped out of planes, walked on red-hot coals, and had a Madagascan cockroach crawling over his face whilst talking about it on camera. Ross says he’ll try anything once and is always up for a challenge.


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