PROFILE: Verity Sharp

Gardening Presenter | TV & Radio

Verity Sharp is a TV presenter and award winning radio presenter with a wealth of broadcasting experience. She has a natural style and a real gift for communicating her many passions. As a qualified gardener with a deep concern for the environment she is always in pursuit of ideas for sustainable living.

Verity has a deep love of the outdoors whether it be botanising in the hedgerows, observing local wildlife or walking in Wiltshire’s enigmatic landscape. She is currently developing a pollinator friendly flower garden at a garden centre in Wiltshire which doubles as a modest commercial cutting patch and she’s turned her own cottage garden into a haven for wildlife.

Garden Design | Garden Culture

Having spent her life involved in music and the arts, Verity sees garden design as culture that encompasses contemporary and traditional, formal and informal design. And she is particularly interested in design that embraces ideas such as permaculture and forest gardening.

Verity grew up on a family smallholding in Somerset surrounded by chickens, sheep and horses. Long family walks and daily horse rides helped foster a deep connection to the countryside which has never left her.

Award Winning Presenter

Verity has presented The Culture Show (BBC2), the BBC Proms live for BBC4, BBC 2 and Radio 3. She presented BBC4 at Celtic Connections and BBC4 at the Cambridge Folk Festival. She was long term presenter of Late Junction (BBC Radio 3) for 13 years and received the Sony Gold Award and the Sony Silver Award ‘The Music Broadcaster Award’.  She has presented numerous live concerts for radio.

She is a qualified musician and plays the cello and folk fiddle. Her specialist knowledge of the UK’s traditional music ties in with her inherent love of the land.

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Verity Sharp’s agent:

Gerry Granshaw
David Foster Management

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‘Gardening with Nature’ video produced by George Taylor

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