Chris Packham appointed CBE

in 2019 New Years Honours list

Chris Packham appointed CBE in 2019 New Years Honours list

We are delighted to announce that Chris Packham has been appointed CBE in the Queen’s 2019 News Years Honours list for services to wildlife and nature conservation.

Chris has said his CBE is a thank you from the animals that have been saved from suffering due to his conservation work. For many years he has tirelessly spoken out against fox hunting, the badger cull and grouse shooting. He supports organisations, campaigns and individuals who are willing to speak out and stand up for our wildlife and as his popularity grows on UK television his voice gets louder for animals who don’t have one.

“In an age where illegal fox hunting, the continued persecution of birds of prey and the unscientific, uneconomic and inhumane killing of badgers continue, our wildlife needs a voice to shout above the noise. Maybe the silent have spoken, maybe a terrified fox, a wounded Hen Harrier or a trapped badger whispered and this is their thanks. I’ll take that, say ‘ta very much’ and stop shouting … and start screaming … and I won’t stop until the killing does.”

Despite seeing his honour as a thanks for his conservation work to date Chris has vowed to continue with even louder protests against violence to animals in the world and we are proud to support him.