David Foster Management

Talent agency representing TV presenters, radio presenters, television production professionals and popular artists from the entertainment industry

Talent Agency

David Foster Management is a talent agency representing TV presenters, radio presenters, television production professionals and popular artists from the entertainment industry.

The company was formed in the early nineties and is now recognised for its excellence in developing artists and providing an exceptional level of service.

Originally many of our artists arrived by recommendation, hence a naturally evolved bias towards wildlife which has led to considerable expertise in this area. Today we specialise in onscreen presenter talent who are experts in their field – natural history, exploration, science, sports, the arts, marine science, cycling, gardening, antiques and other areas.

Strong Relationships with Media & Corporate Clients

The cornerstone of DFM’s success has been providing an innovative, responsive and reliable service for media and corporate clients.

David Foster Management has built long-term associations with artists, production companies, broadcasters and other clients. The multi-disciplinary DFM team is capable of providing exciting, effective solutions for even the most complex projects.

David Foster

“As well as offering career planning advice and guidance, we energetically promote artists in areas most suited to their strengths. We are totally committed to providing a challenging yet supportive, atmosphere to enable artists to develop and fully realise their potential.”

David Foster’s service is underpinned with integrity. He has built his reputation on reliability, courteousness and careful attention to detail in supporting artists. This is his hallmark. The artists that David Foster manage praise him highly.  It’s therefore unsurprising that many have come to him from recommendation. has a nationwide reputation for designing highly innovative productions. He has worked closely with many of the leading names in the entertainment industry and is noted for his exceptional service to both artists and clients.

First and foremost, he is an entertainment industry specialist. His entrepreneurial skills have enabled him to flow with industry trends and maximise opportunities. He has wide-ranging management experience, extensive industry knowledge and contacts.

All-Electric Productions

From the moment he left school, David Foster developed his passion for the industry. He has his own production company, All-Electric Productions, has worked on stage, in film and on hundreds of television programmes.

From the early days of his career, David was developing ideas for productions which would display the wide-ranging skills of artists. Unusually, he has the perception to recognise how to get the best from artists and where they will excel. He has proven this ability time and again.

High praise for David Foster

A service underpinned with integrity

“I met David whilst presenting a small talk about Beethoven.  Since then I have never looked back, David made the talk into a professional production lasting two hours and since then I have visited hundreds of venues across the UK.  David really cares …. and is always available to give help and advice and provide crucial pointers along the way … he’s lovely.”

“I have never known a nicer bloke.  In one week I had more bookings through David than agents of past had provided me in months.  I owe him big time.  He is an excellent guy who provides an excellent management service.”