Our Clients

John Suchet

Classic FM Radio presenter, author, former newscaster, Beethoven expert, journalist and host
23rd September 2018/by gerryadmin

Raj Bisram

Antiques Roadshow (BBC). Four Rooms (C4). Auctioneer, dealer, fine art and antiques expert.
3rd October 2018/by gerryadmin

Iolo Williams

Springwatch & Countryfile (BBC). TV wildlife presenter (English and Welsh), author, speaker.
26th October 2018/by gerryadmin

Eric Knowles

Antiques Roadshow and Antiques Master (BBC). TV presenter, auctioneer, fine art and antiques expert.
27th October 2018/by gerryadmin

Brenton West

The Repair Shop (BBC). Silversmith and precious metals expert. A Celebrity Mastermind winner.
28th October 2018/by gerryadmin

Megan McCubbin

Springwatch and Undercover Tourist (BBC). Earthrise (Al Jazeera). TV presenter and author.
10th November 2018/by gerryadmin

Martin Hughes-Games

Springwatch (BBC) and The Lion Queens (Discovery). Naturalist, TV presenter, producer.
10th November 2018/by gerryadmin

Bill Oddie OBE

The nation's best known birder. Broadcaster, writer, song-writer, musician, actor, conservationist.
10th November 2018/by gerryadmin

Yussef Rafik

Host of Bugface (BBC Earth Kids). Wild Bites narrator (BBC). Zoologist. TV, radio and online.
10th November 2018/by David Foster

Leigh Hickmott

Research scientist, zoologist, wildlife presenter, expedition leader, animal behaviour specialist.
10th November 2018/by gerryadmin

Robbie Cumming

World renowned narrowboater, presenter, iPhone filmmaker, guitarist, editor and music composer.
10th November 2018/by gerryadmin

Nula Suchet

Author of The Longest Farewell. Film rights acquired and production begins in 2024.
10th November 2018/by gerryadmin

Billy Heaney

Nature Table panelist (BBC Radio 4). Zoologist, filmmaker, TV, radio and online presenter.
10th November 2018/by David Foster

Dr Jeff Rose

Pioneering archaeologist, Middle East prehistory specialist. TV presenter and contributor.
10th November 2018/by gerryadmin

Sam McKaylin

Get Set Galactic (CBeebies). Evolutionary biologist using machine learning and AI in his research.
11th November 2018/by gerryadmin
Kate Bradbury

Kate Bradbury

Gardeners’ World (BBC). Wildlife and gardening TV, radio and digital presenter, author and expert.
11th November 2018/by David Foster

Ola Onabulé

Soul and Jazz singer/songwriter. TV and radio presenter, arts show host, African history expert.
13th November 2018/by gerryadmin

Ajay Tegala

Springwatch and Inside the Bat Cave (BBC). Countryside ranger, naturalist, TV presenter, author.
24th November 2018/by gerryadmin

Roger Tabor

Cats (BBC series). World leading authority on cats. TV presenter, biologist, behaviourist.
5th December 2018/by gerryadmin

Maya Plass

Marine scientist and coastal ecology expert who's appeared on Coast and The Hungry Sailors (BBC).
5th December 2018/by gerryadmin

Dr Sean McCormack

Qualified vet, author, columnist, TV and online presenter. YouTube and wildlife podcast host.
5th December 2018/by gerryadmin

Prof Mark O’Shea MBE

Venomous snake specialist. One of the top reptile experts in the world. TV presenter, author.
20th December 2018/by gerryadmin

Adrian Cale

Snow Leopards of Leafy London (Animal Planet) and Rural Matters (Sky). Presenter, filmmaker.
24th December 2018/by gerryadmin
Peter Purves

Peter Purves

From Doctor Who's companion (BBC) to Crufts' commentator. TV presenter, actor and speaker.
1st January 2019/by gerryadmin

Jo-Rosie Haffenden

Rescue Dog to Super Dog (C4). World renowned animal trainer, presenter, author, speaker.
21st March 2019/by David Foster

Dr Felicity Mehendale

Countdown to Life, The Nine Months that Made You (BBC). Consultant surgeon and scientist.
14th November 2020/by gerryadmin

Matt Brash

Zoo Vet and Zoo Vet at Large (ITV). Television vet, specialist zoo and wildlife vet, author, speaker.
9th February 2021/by gerryadmin

Richard Taylor-Jones

Countryfile, The One Show and Coast (BBC). Wildlife TV presenter, filmmaker, photographer.
9th February 2021/by gerryadmin

Niall Strawson

Springwatch and Curious Creatures (BBC). Presenter, biologist, permanent wheelchair user.
9th February 2021/by gerryadmin

Russell Arnott

Marine biologist, oceanographer, presenter, award-winning communicator, author and YouTuber.
5th May 2021/by gerryadmin

Tom Hart Dyke

Gardening presenter, plant hunter. Created the World Garden at Lullingstone Castle.
16th June 2021/by gerryadmin

Dr Benito Wainwright

Go Green with the Grimwades (Milkshake-C5). Evolutionary biologist, research scientist, presenter.
26th August 2021/by gerryadmin

Stephen Moss

BAFTA award winning TV producer. Springwatch and Big Cat Diary (BBC). A leading nature writer.
27th October 2021/by gerryadmin

Will Gater

The One Show (BBC) and The Gadget Show (C5). TV science presenter, astronomer and author.
21st December 2021/by gerryadmin

Will Hall

Zoologist, photographer, presenter, filmmaker, mountain leader, bushcraft instructor.
27th December 2022/by gerryadmin