Wildlife and Natural History Presenters

We represent wildlife and natural history presenters – top television talent and exciting new experts

Kate Bradbury

Wildlife and natural history presenters for television, radio, keynote speakers and corporate events

More than ever, people all over the UK relish learning about the natural world and are captivated by the high value factual entertainment from broadcasters. We are proud to represent top talent such as Chris Packham, Iolo Williams and Martin Hughes Games.

Expert presenters

We specialise in presenters who are experts in their fields, such as zoology and conservation. Many are published authors.  They write books and articles on topics about selective wildlife and a hugely diverse range of natural history subjects.

Conservation & climate

The hot topics of conservation and climate issues is at the forefront of news and affects us all. It’s also an area that motivates many of our talent. Campaigners include Chris Packham who has won awards for his work in this area.

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