Roger Tabor celebrates 40 year anniversary of his book

The Wildlife of the Domestic Cat

Roger Tabor celebrates the 40th anniversary of his trailblazing book The Wildlife of the Domestic Cat. Published by Arrow, the book is seminal for TNR and understanding feral cats.

This, Roger’s award-winning first cat book was recognised by Britain’s leading cat charity, Cat’s Protection as “the standard work on the feral cat“.

Dr Desmond Morris, (author of Cat Watching): The Wild Life of the Domestic Cat is “one of the modern classics of feline literature. One of the two best cat books ever written. An original, pioneering study of urban feral cats and their social organisation“.

President/Founder of USA’s leading feral cat organisation Alley Cat Allies, Becky Robinson: “We consider Roger’s book ‘The Wild Life of the Domestic Cat’ required reading for anyone interested in helping cats”.

President of FdCATS, Spain, Agnes Dufau wrote of The Wildlife of the Domestic Cat on its 40th anniversary: “Un grand Classique!

The Wild Life of the Domestic Cat recipient of the Dutch Panorama Award.

Roger was the first biologist to monitor the effects of trap, neutering and returning to site on a feral cat colony, to establish that it worked and formed the pattern for this method of effective control which went on over those 40 years to be widely used around the world. His study cats were at the “famous Fitzroy Square, the site of his groundbreaking study on community cats in the 1970s – the first study of its kind” (Becky Robinson, ACA President).

The book was the basis of BBC TV’s Walk on the Wildside. Roger subsequently presented and wrote BBC’s Cats and Understanding Cats.

The Wildlife of the Domestic Cat
8th December 1984 – 2024