The One Show (BBC) and The Gadget Show (C5). TV science presenter, astronomer and author.

Zoo Vet and Zoo Vet at Large (ITV). Television vet, specialist zoo and wildlife vet, author, speaker.

Rescue Dog to Super Dog (C4). World renowned animal trainer, presenter, author, speaker.

Venomous snake specialist. One of the top reptile experts in the world. TV presenter, author.

Marine scientist and coastal ecology expert who’s appeared on Coast and The Hungry Sailors (BBC).

Cats (BBC series). World leading authority on cats. TV presenter, biologist, behaviourist.

Springwatch and Inside the Bat Cave (BBC). Countryside ranger, naturalist, TV presenter, author.

BAFTA award winning TV producer. Springwatch and Big Cat Diary (BBC). A leading nature writer.

Pioneering archaeologist, Middle East prehistory specialist. TV presenter and contributor.