Richard Taylor-Jones

Countryfile, The One Show and Coast (BBC). Wildlife TV presenter, filmmaker, photographer.

Dr Felicity Mehendale

Countdown to Life, The Nine Months that Made You (BBC). Consultant surgeon and scientist.


Prof Mark O’Shea MBE

Venomous snake specialist. One of the top reptile experts in the world. TV presenter, author.

Ola Onabulé

Soul and Jazz singer/songwriter. TV and radio presenter, arts show host, African history expert.


Lindsey Chapman

Springwatch Unsprung and Big Blue UK (BBC). Climate and culture presenter. Social media expert.


Bill Oddie OBE

The nation’s best known birder. Broadcaster, writer, song-writer, musician, actor, conservationist.


Martin Hughes-Games

Springwatch (BBC) and The Lion Queens (Discovery). Naturalist, TV presenter, producer.

Eric Knowles

Antiques Roadshow and Antiques Master (BBC). TV presenter, auctioneer, fine art and antiques expert.